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About us

Who are we and what do we do in a few words

The mission of adn mobile solutions is the creation of new products and services based on technologies, systems and platforms, HW and SW oriented to the monitoring and interconnectivity of systems, pursuing the ubiquity of services through the Internet of Things (IoT) and the intelligent analysis of the gathered information, all focusing on applicability in the fields of energetic efficiency, capacitation and environmental sustainability. Esquema del área de acción de ADN Mobile Solutions

Main milestones

  • 2012. Best Spanish startup. Developing of Platform and service. Support from Spanish funds CDTI NEOTEC
  • 2013: Support from private investors and a Venture Capital
  • 2016: First great contracts in private and public operators
  • 2016-2017: Product excellence. Support from UE - SME Instrument Phase I &II -> Best product and service for efficient and secure driving in bus urban fleets. Demonstrate and replicate market in Europe during 2017-2018

Personnel and trajectory

ADN Mobile solutions is a technological company founded by two entrepreneurs in 2009, both of whom are engineers with experience in R&D and business development, specialised in the field of mobile applications and sensing ,focusing on IoT paradigm applied to vehicles.

The company, which received important support from the Spanish government, (by means of NEOTEC CDTI program granted only to very high potential and innovative projects), has been under development for four years having a current portfolio of reference customers in efficient driving area.

The early collaboration with experts in business development and efficient driving techniques enabled the perfect coverage of the issues related to the value chain development, connecting them with the technological area. To date ADN Mobile Solutions has received several rounds of funding and is currently supported by private investors and a venture capital fund.

ADN Mobile Solutions business units

ADN Mobile Solutions es una empresa innovadora de base tecnológica
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