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Cated Box | BLED revolutionary technology and methodology for fuel saving and continuous education in efficient and safe driving.

European Commision has selected Cated box | BLED project for its scalability and internationalization through SME Instrument funding scheme under Horizon 2020 Programme. More information here.

LabCityCar and UrVAMM allow fleets of public and private vehicles to offer new indicators of air quality and mobility while at the same time saving fuel and educating the drivers. The concepts LabCityCar and UrVAMM are in line with the Smart City plans of major cities both nationally and internationally.

We are selecting European companies and people with proven experience in efficient driving training for the implementation of our BLED service internationally. View


07/10/2015: Efficient driving program of EMT Tarragona shows excellent results in the month of June. See more

07/07/2015: EMT Valencia test a technology to control the levels of urban pollution. See more

07/02/2015: Publication of AENOR standard EA 0050:2015 “Efficient driving management system for professional fleets”, promoted by ADN Mobile Solutions with the participation of IDAE (Spanish Energy Agency), FCC, ALSA and ATUC (Spanish Association of Urban Public Transport Operators), among others. See more

07/01/2015: ALSA Morocco chooses ADN Mobile Solutions for the efficient driving project of the whole Marrakech city fleet.

06/24/2015: ADN Mobile Solutions wins the public bid for the deployment of the efficient driving service for whole bus fleet of Huelva city. Huelva has been the first Spanish public urban bus operator that has announced a bidding process for this kind of service. See more

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